SUKKI (born to an Indian Singaporean father and English mother) is an Actor and Activist. She is best known for being the first international burlesque artist from Singapore. She gained universal recognition for campaigning for burlesque to be accepted as a legitimate art form in Singapore, and won in 2015.

Her work as an artist and activist for women, and autonomy over their bodies and choices, delivered her a Generation T Award, a nomination and shortlist for The Asian Women of Achievement Awards, Women of the Future Awards, and a United Nations Women’s HeForShe Award.

Her television debut came in 2019 on Netflix with the first docuseries featuring an all-Asian cast set in Asia for Global Release, Singapore Social. The show was praised for celebrating diversity of Asians on screen. In 2022, SUKKI announced she would be making a transition to acting.

SUKKI’s already impressive list of accolades is what makes her such a unique talent. Vogue, Rolling Stone Magazine and Esquire have all recognised her contribution as an outstanding artist. Mashable has referred to her as “the kind of person who electrifies the internet” and Facebook has highlighted her work in a feature representing "what International Women’s Day is all about," acknowledged by both Bill Gates and Desmond Tuttu.

SUKKI is a breath of fresh air, unafraid to push creative expression to the limits and gives a vibrant new energy to the emerging space of incredible upcoming brown talent owning the industry right now.